One of the all-time classic reasons to root an Android device has always been to have a free mobile hotspot. The reason is still around today with thanks to the Wireless Tether for Root Users application that is available. With the Wireless Tether for Root Users app, you can easily set up a WiFi hotspot with little fuss.

You might also be interested in checking out other apps for rooted users like the WiFi Protector app, Push Notifications Fixer, Root Browser Lite, DriveDroid, Rescan Media ROOT, Battery Calibration or the Font Installer app. There are many more that can tweak your performance, remove bloatware and other things.

ZTE Grand S Flex

Files You Need

  1. Download the Towelroot application you need for the S Flex from this link:
  2. You are voiding the ZTE warranty by following this guide to root the Grand S Flex smartphone. You must unroot the Grand S Flex before you can get the warranty working again, but this Towelroot method does not come directly with a unroot button. Instead, you’ll need to source the correct stock ROM for the S Flex handset and flash it using an appropriate method.
  3. The Towelroot app only works for devices running Android KitKat Android OS. Downgrade to an earlier version of KitKat if you are finding the rooting exploit is not working for you.

Rooting the ZTE Grand S Flex

  1. Make sure you have the Unknown Sources turned on from the Grand S Flex’s settings by tapping the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Now you can easily install the Towelroot application from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on the smartphone and enter the Towelroot URL from the link above.
  3. Tap your fingers on the Red Lambda icon from the middle of the homepage.
  4. Save the Towelroot app to your device.
  5. Swipe down the notification shade and tap on the Download Complete notification.
  6. Tap the Install option.
  7. Swipe down the notification shade again and tap the Installation Complete option.
  8. Tap on the Make it Ra1n button.
  9. Wait for the success notification.
  10. Open the Google Play Store app on your Grand S Flex smartphone and install the SuperSU by Chainfire application.
  11. Open the SuperSU application and agree to update any SU binary if it requests the same.
  12. Now you can finish up by installing the root checker app from the same Google Play Store.
  13. Open the root checker app and grant any Superuser requests.

You should find the ZTE Grand S Flex is now rooted and you are ready to start installing your root-requiring apps.