After installing the ClockworkMod Recovery on your ZTE Chorus, the next step is to gain root-access on it. Without root, there really isn’t much you can do on your device, that’s why most users prefer rooting their devices than being unrooted for lifetime.

To help you root your ZTE Chorus, we’ve compiled a nice little guide below. Follow it to the letter and you shouldn’t have any issues gaining root on your Chorus. Here you go folks:

ZTE Chorus-2

Files You Need

1. You will only need one file to gain root-access on your ZTE Chorus and that file is z4Root APK. So download it from the given link to your computer.

Rooting the ZTE Chorus

1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and copy the z4Root APK over to the SD card storage on your phone. You can disconnect the phone once the file has been successfully transferred.

2. You need to enable Unknown sources to be able to install the z4Root app. To enable the said feature, head to Menu->Settings->Applications and turn on the Unknown sources option.

3. Open File Manager on your phone and look for the z4Root APK. Tap on it and it will start to install on your device.

4. You can choose to launch the app after it’s been installed or you can open it directly from the app drawer. You can go with whatever option you like.

5. When z4Root launches, tap on Root and it will start rooting your phone. It shouldn’t take too long.

6. Once you are rooted, you can install Root Checker to confirm the root-access on your phone.

7. You’re done.

The procedure to root the ZTE Chrous went well without a hiccup, right? Now go ahead and do whatever customizations you want with your phone, but make sure you don’t overdo it or your phone will become unresponsive. Have fun!