The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is a great midrange Android device that came out along with its big brother, the Galaxy S6. With 1.5 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 800 chip, and an 8 MP shooter, the S5 mini isn’t a powerhouse, but it is a great option if you don’t want to empty your wallet. Of course, it isn’t perfect and that’s why we’re here. Rooting your Galaxy S5 Mini will open up a bit of ability and customization to you, as a user. For instance, with a rooted phone, one can install the Xposed Framework, install custom ROMs, get rid of carrier/manufacturer bloat, and improved backup capabilities. A rooted Android phone essentially becomes a new device as a result of the significant customization available.

So how can you go about rooting your Galaxy S5 Mini? First, make sure you have a working Windows computer available to you, along with open USB ports. You will need a USB port to connect your S5 Mini to your PC, which will be important in this process. Next, make sure your phone is available and charged to at least 70%. Additionally, make sure you have a Micro USB to USB cable on hand to connect your phone to the PC. Now you can begin the installation process!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Files Required

1.  Make sure you have the Samsung USB Driver on your PC. If you don’t, you can download it here.

2. Download this zip file containing all rooting necessities and extract everything.

Rooting The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

1. Open Odin from those extracted files and allow it to install/open.
– you can also download it from here.

2. Now, turn off your S5 Mini completely

3. Hold down the power button, the volume down button and the home button at once for a few seconds, till you see downlaod mode activate.

4. You will see a warning on your phone, press the up volume button and continue.

5. Connect your S5 Mini via USB cable to your Windows computer and Odin will recognize the device. You should see the word message “Added!” in the Message box that is on the bottom left.

6. Click the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file, which you attained from the downloaded zip file earlier

7. Click the Start button and the flashing process will begin

8. You’ll have to wait anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute for the process to be complete. A greed box with “PASS!” imposed above it will appear once the flashing is complete. As soon as you see that, you may disconnect your Galaxy S5 Mini.

9. Turn on your device and check your applications drawer. You should see an app called “SuperSU” and if you have that, you have successfully rooted your phone!

We recommend installing our favorite root checker application from Google Play and checking that it worked. The same app is also a free and useful tool for when you want to return back to stock software and unroot the device.