Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Chat smartphones is your gateway to many more apps like the battery calibration application. With the battery calibration app, you can increase the battery performance just via the calibration of the battery and how it works with your software and hardware.

There are other ways to create better battery life using the rooted apps but none of them do it directly from the calibration itself. Some other ways to increase the battery performance is to do things like remove some of the stock apps on your device from Samsung. When people do not want these apps they call them bloatware apps. removing apps is great for battery life, but it obviously means you no longer have the apps. That’s why using the battery calibration apps is the better way to increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Chat smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Chat

The Files You Need

  1. You must unlock the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy Chat smartphones before you can root it using the CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire.
  2. Download the CF-Auto-root package you need from this official page here.
  3. Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones from the official Samsung developers page here.
  4. You can only follow this guide with a Windows PC. Furthermore, it doesn’t work for some Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows RT. The Windows RT environment is sometimes only for downloading apps from the Windows Store and therefore we cannot install these files on your tablet.
  5. Download the Odin flashing tool from our Odin page from here — you should download one of the latest versions. If that version is not working for you during the guide, try downloading one of the other versions and trying again.
  6. There are two main reasons why the guide doesn’t work for some people. The first is they did not download the USB drivers and advised from the link above. The second is the version of Odin isn’t working well with their devices. Try another Odin version if you are positive you already have the USB drivers working.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 running Android 4.1.2

  1. Download the rooting package and the Odin flashing tool and put them on the computer desktop.
  2. Right-click the files and select the “extract here” option from the menu that pops out.
  3. You should now find the two executable files: one for Odin and one for the CF-Auto-root tool.
  4. Double-click the Odin flashing tool executable file and the Odin application should open on your computer desktop.
  5. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Chat in download mode by pressing the Volume Down + Power + Home buttons. It only works when you start with the device turned off. You can turn off the Galaxy Chat by long-pressing the Power button until it’s no longer sleeping. It takes ten seconds at the longest.
  6. Press the Volume Up button when it tells you to do so on the devices display.
  7. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Chat to the computer when you know it’s in the download mode.
  8. If the Samsung drivers are working on your computer, it will change the color of the ID: COM port. You can find that ID: COM port in the Odin app.
  9. Click the AP button if you are using one of the newer versions of Odin, or the PDA button if you are using one of the older versions.
  10. Browse the desktop for the CF-Auto-Root file you downloaded earlier.
  11. Click the Start button and flash it on your device.
  12. Wait for anywhere between 5-15 minutes for a pass message from the display of Odin. Your device will also reboot automatically if the Auto reboot box is checked.
  13. Once your device reboots you are ready to hit the Google Play Store and start downloading the apps you have been waiting for like the battery calibration app we mentioned in the introduction.

That’s all.

In conclusion, you might want to start by installing the root checker app just to double-check your device does have the root access you need.