Granting root access to your Prestigio PAP3500 device is what the best apps on Androids need to work. There are hundreds of rooted apps that you can use after completing this guide. One app that we recommend you install on the Prestigio PAP3500 is the SD Maid application. As the name suggests, the SD Maid app will clean up your SD card so you can get the most out of it again.

Prestigio PAP3500 Duo

Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting exploit from this page.
  2. Download the ADB drivers from this page.
  3. The universal ADB drivers work for Windows only. If you want to run the rooting exploit from a different operating system, you’ll need to download the drivers that work for that operating system.
  4. You do void the warranty on your PAP3500 when you follow this guide. You can unroot the device by flashing a stock ROM and that will get the warranty working once again.

Rooting the Prestigio PAP3500 Duo on Android

  1. Download the rooting package you can see from the link above and transfer the file over to your computer desktop.
  2. Once you have it on the desktop, right-click the file and choose the “extract here” option. Now your file in extracted and you can use the rooting file inside.
  3. Make sure you have the USB Debugging Mode on by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > tap the box for the USB Debugging Mode.
  4. Connect your Prestigio PAP3500 Duo to the computer with the USB cable you use for charging the device normally.
  5. Double-click the executable rooting file from the extracted folder.
  6. Follow the rest of the commands you can see pop up on your computer display. You should see the rooting program guiding you from here.
  7. Once the rooting is complete, reboot your Prestigio device manually if it doesn’t reboot automatically.

That’s all.

Log in to your Google Play Store account and start downloading the app you have been waiting for all this time. the first app we recommend installing on your device is the root checker application. When you install the root checker app, it tells you if the guide worked or not. That makes any future problems with your rooted apps easier to troubleshoot.