Advanced Android users who are rooting the Motorola Razr HD device might want to check out the Root Uninstaller application. The way this Root Uninstaller app works is different to how it sounds and it doesn’t unroot your device if that’s what you are thinking. The Root Uninstaller app can remove any bloatware on your device by giving the user advanced power to remove system apps.

You must be an advanced Android user to use this application though because you can also accidentally delete important system files if you do not know what you are doing. make sure you take a backup of your Motorola Razr HD device before starting the guide just in case you do delete important system files. With a backup of the system files, you can easily restore them again later.

Motorola Razr HD

Files You Need

  1. Download the Towelroot app from the website here:

Rooting the Motorola Razr HD

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources option from your Razr HD smartphone by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Unknown Sources.
  2. Open the Google Chrome app and point to the Towelroot URL.
  3. Tap on the red Lambda icon that you can see down the page.
  4. Save the tr.apk file to your Razr HD device.
  5. Pull down the Razr HD notification shade and tap over the download complete notification when it is available.
  6. Tap on the Install option.
  7. Pull down the Razr HD notification shade once again and tap on the Installation Complete message.
  8. Once you tap on the Installation Complete message, the Towelroot app will open on your device.
  9. Look for the Make it Ra1n button and tap the same.
  10. Wait for the success message and then open the Google Play Store.
  11. Browse the Play Store for the SuperSU app by Chainfire.
  12. Tap to open the SuperSU and agree to update any SU binary messages.
  13. Once you have installed the SuperSU, open the Play Store again and install the root checker app to check your Motorola Razr HD is rooted.

Now you can check out the best rooted apps for your Android device and start installing them from trusted sources online. You’ll find many of them available from App Brain and others from the Google Play Store.

You can find out how to install a custom recovery on the Motorola Razr HD smartphone so you can start taking complete backups with the NANDroid feature and installing custom ROMs if there are any available.