If you’ve bought your LG G3 from US Cellular, the following guide should help you obtain root-access on it. In case you don’t know, root access lets you enjoy many of those root-requiring apps on your device that bring extra features and appearances for you to enjoy.

Many thousands of these root apps can run on your device once you have rooted it, but they do not run unless they can tell you to have root access to the internal system. The reason they won’t run is that they can’t. They need the access to the root directory to do the things that they need to do and that’s why they hit a stumbling block without root access on the device. If that sounds good to you, here’s how to root your US Cellular LG G3:


Files You Need

1. This should only work on the US Cellular variant of the LG G3 smartphone. Please do not try this on any other device or you’ll brick it.

2. You must first flash the Pre-Patch KDZ on your device. Download the file from here and then head here to learn how you can flash it on your device.

3. Download IORoot to your computer. It’ll be used to gain root on your device.

4. Download and install LG USB drivers on your computer, if you don’t already have them.

5. This should only work on a Windows based computer.

Rooting the LG G3 (US Cellular — US990)

1. Extract files from IORoot to your computer by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here.

2. Turn on USB debugging on your device by going to Menu->Settings->Developer options->USB debugging.

3. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

4. Double-click on root.bat file that you extracted from IORoot archive. It should launch.

5. Hit any key on your keyboard when the tool asks you to do that.

6. Wait for it to gain root-access on your device.

7. When it’s done rooting, reboot your device.

8. And you’re all set!

Your LG G3 from US Cellular is now rooted. You can have it confirmed using Root Checker on your device.

If you think all that you want from your device cannot be accessed using just root-access, you can go ahead and install a custom recovery on your LG G3 (US Cellular) to enjoy many of the best custom ROMs out there that will satisfy all of your needs.

If you wanted to know the technical aspects of what rooting is, then you would need to read quite a lot of information that is out there on the web. Simply put, you are in control of the root user account which can run all commands and access all files in the root directory. It is how Android has the root directory that made them call it the root user account in the first lace and not a more traditional name like the administrators account that Microsoft has on Windows even though the root user account and the admin account and both the same thing when his the person with the administrative permissions.

All technical aspects aside, when you are the person who is using the Android operating system with the root permissions you can begin to install any number of the thousands of applications that were not available for you to install before. There are apps out there that can even help you remove the current existing apps on the device. We call that removing the stock apps or the system apps because they are hidden in the system partition.

There are many things you can do with root access all with the help from running some root apps. You can find out all the things you can with root access on the Android operating system if you are interested in learning more about it.

Moreover, we have a collection of the best root applications you can run on the Android operating system if you want to check out the names of some of the root apps. There is no front page of the Google play Store or place on online that is the central hub for root applications so you need to have done your research beforehand to know the names of the root apps that you want to run.

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