Did you ever want to try out all those fancy but root-requiring apps on your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+? If so, you now have the chance to do that.

The aforementioned device is supported by the Towelroot method to be rooted and then installed with a custom recovery. Once you’ve rooted your tablet, you should be able to run all kinds of root-requiring apps on it. From the apps that let you customize your home-screen to the apps that help you change the way your device works, you will have it all on your device once it’s rooted.

Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Here’s how you can go about rooting your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+:

Files You Need

1. This takes help of the universal Towelroot root method to gain root-access on the device.

2. Download Towelroot APK to your computer. It’ll be used to root your Lenovo device.

3. You don’t necessarily need a computer to root your device as the app can directly be downloaded and installed on the device.

Rooting the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

1. Plug in your tablet to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure it’s in data transfer mode.

2. Copy Towelroot APK from your computer over to the internal storage on your tablet.

3. When Towelroot is copied, unplug your tablet from your computer.

4. Head to Menu->Settings->Security on your device and turn on Unknown sources. It is to allow installation of the apps that were downloaded from outside the Google Play store.

5. Launch File Manager and tap on Towelroot APK to install the app on your tablet.

6. When the app is installed, launch it from the app drawer.

7. Tap on make it ra1n in the app and it’ll start rooting your tablet.

8. When it has done rooting, head over to Google Play and download and install SuperSU on your tablet.

9. Open SuperSU at least once to have it update its libraries.

10. When that’s all done, reboot your tablet.

11. You’re now rooted!

Congrats! Your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ is now rooted and is equipped with the SuperSU app to help you manage root-permissions on your device. Enjoy!

If you plan to install a custom ROM on your device, then you should go ahead and follow our how to install a custom recovery on the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ tutorial to learn how you can install a custom recovery that’ll help you flash various custom ROMs on your device.

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