There are a million reasons as to why you should root your Lava Iris X8 instead of keeping it unrooted. First, the root-access brings you those so-called root-requiring apps that can help you with customizing your device to a great extent. Second, it opens-up gates for a custom recovery to be installed on your device. If you don’t already know, a custom recovery helps install custom ROMs and custom kernels that improve the performance of the device.

If these things sound good to you, here’s how you can go about rooting your Lava Iris X8:

Lava Iris X8

Files You Need

1. Download and install Lava USB Drivers on your computer, if you haven’t done so yet.

2. Download Kingo Root app to your computer. It’s a universal rooting app that can root a number of devices running Android.

Rooting the Lava Iris X8

1. Ensure that the Lava USB Drivers are installed on your computer. If they aren’t installed properly, your computer won’t be able to detect your smartphone.

2. Enable USB debugging on your device from Menu->Settings->Developer options->USB debugging. It helps you interact with your device right from your computer.

3. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

4. Double-click on Kingo Root app and wait for it to launch.

5. The app should detect your phone and show you in the panel.

6. Click on Root in the app and wait for it to gain root-access on your device.

7. It shouldn’t take too long to root your phone.

8. When it’s done with its process, reboot your device.

9. You should now be rooted!

And there you go.

Your Lava Iris X8 is now rooted and is ready to be installed with whatever root-requiring apps you want.