Rooting your Android operating system usually means installing an app on your device like SuperSU or Superuser. It’s the steps you need to get to the point of having the SuperSU or Superuser on your device that can often differ a great deal. Once you have the root access on the Huawei smartphone, you can do much more with your device that you couldn’t do before. Most of those options come with using applications. You can find applications from the Google Play Store that require the root file system to run. With them, you can increase the memory, increase the battery life, increase the performance, add new features and more.

Huawei Sonic

The Files You Need

  • Download the branded ROM from this link.
  • Download the rooting file from this XDA Developers page here.
  • These are the steps to root the Huawei Sonic. You do void the warranty when you follow the guide below. You can restore that same warranty by unrooting the device if you want to do that later.

Rooting the Huawei Sonic U8650

  1. Download both the rooting file and the branded ROM over to the desktop.
  2. Right-click the mouse over the branded ROM file and select the ‘extract here’ option from the list.
  3. Do not extract or unzip the rooting file.
  4. You should see a ‘dload’ file after you extract the branded ROM.
  5. Connect the Huawei Sonic to the computer where you have the files.
  6. Copy the dload file and the rooting file over to the internal storage SD card on your device.
  7. Unplug the Sonic smartphone from the computer so it’s not attached to the USB cable.
  8. Completely power down the device by long-pressing the Power button until it’s completely off.
  9. It’s advised you also take out the battery before going ahead with the next step. leave the battery out for a minute and then put the battery back in the device before you continue.
  10. Reboot the Sonic smartphone by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power keys at the same time until you are seeing the ROM flash on your device.
  11. Reboot the smartphone once the ROM is flashed.
  12. Long-press the Power button once again and completely switch off the Sonic smartphone.
  13. Remove the battery and put it back in again.
  14. Reboot the device by holding the Volume Up + Power keys. Your Huawei Sonic will reach the recovery mode.
  15. Choose to flash the Root file from the recovery mode menu.
  16. The rooting file is now being installed on your device. Do not touch any buttons until it’s complete.
  17. Choose the reboot system option from the recovery menu after you know the installing is complete.

Now you have root access on the device and you can use the software as you normally would. The root access means you can install apps from the Google Play Store that needed access to the root file system. It doesn’t mean that you can install a custom ROM. You will need a custom recovery installed on your device to get the ROM working.


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