If you have been reading rooting guides since The Unlockr was covering them, you probably know all about the BusyBox application. BusyBox was one of the apps they loved to recommend you install on your device after you finished the guide for rooting. For those who don’t already know, BusyBox is an app that combines common UNIX utilities and puts them together in a single executable file. You do not have to do a great deal with BusyBox once you install it. The main idea behind it is that it will improve your experience since many custom ROMs and even rooted apps depend on the BusyBox scripts to work.

Well, the BusyBox installer is another app that works the same way. We highly recommend you install the BusyBox installer app on your rooted Huawei G535-L11 device.

Huawei Orange Gova

Files You Need

  1. Download the Towelroot package from its official website from here: http://towelroot.com.
  2. You are agreeing to void the Huawei warranty when you follow this guide. The Towelroot one-click rooting application does not come with a unroot method from the app; however, you can unroot by flashing a stock ROM at a later point and the warranty will start working again.

Rooting the Huawei G535-L11

  1. Make sure you have the Unknown Sources option turned on from your G535-L11 settings by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Open any web browser application like Google Chrome on your Huawei G535 device and enter the towelroot URL from the files section above.
  3. Tap your finger on the red Lambda symbol you can see that is available from the main homepage of the app.
  4. Save the tr.apk file to your G535 device.
  5. Swipe from the top of the G535 display and pull down the notification shade.
  6. Tap on the “Download Complete” notification.
  7. Tap on the “Install” option.
  8. Pull down your Huawei notification shade again and tap on the “Installation Complete” notification.
  9. The Towelroot application will now open on your device.
  10. Tap on the “Make it Ra1n” button.
  11. Do not touch anything else until you can see the success notification. It will also let you know that you do not have to reboot your device before you can start installing your apps.
  12. On that note, open the Google Play Store application from your app drawer and download the SuperSU app. You can install any SuperSU app — Chainfire or ClockworkMod versions.
  13. Agree to update the SU binary if you are prompted about the binary and continue to follow the prompts until the SuperSU app is installed.
  14. The SuperSU will now be an app on your device and you must not delete it if you want to keep your device safe from malware.
  15. Open the Google Play Store app once again and install the root checker app.