Rooting the Huawei Honor Holly U19 means lots of great apps from the Google Play Store and other recommended sources online such as the App Brain website. One of the apps available is the LBE Privacy Guard.

With the LBE Privacy Guard application running, you get something similar to a security firewall but for your apps. The LBE Privacy Guard will customize your permission settings with regards to the kind of data an app can take from your device.

Huawei Honor Holly U19

Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting package from this page.
  2. You must have a working internet connection to use the iRoot tool we are using in this guide.
  3. You must have a Windows PC to use this guide. You won’t get the drivers or the rooting exploit working on a different operating system like Linux.
  4. You are voiding the Huawei Honor Holly U19 warranty by following this guide. You need to flash the stock ROM back on the Holly device to unroot and get the warranty working again.

Rooting the Huawei Honor Holly U19

  1. Make sure you have the USB Debugging Mode enabled on the Honor Holly u19 by pointing to the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  2. The rooting package comes with the drivers and the rooting exploit inside. Download the rooting package directly to the Windows PC. By default it should end up in the Downloads folder unless you have changed your default Downloads location. Open that Downloads folder and click and drag the rooting exploit over to the desktop.
  3. Right-click the mouse over the file and select the “extract here” option from the menu.
  4. Install the  ADB Installer 1.4.2 on the computer.
  5. Install the Handset_WinDriver_1.00.00.31 on the computer.
  6. Install the DriverAutoInstaller_v1.1236.00 on the computer.
  7. Once you have installed the files in the order given above, run the iRoot file and it will run the root exploit on your Honor Holly device.
  8. Connect the Huawei Honor Holly U19 to the computer using the USB cable you would normally use for charging the battery.
  9. Pull down the notification shade from the top of the Holly handset and tap on the USB icon. Choose the ‘storage’ as the connection method.
  10. Run the iRoot app on the Windows computer and it will detect your Huawei device if the drivers are working correctly.
  11. Click the green Root button from the iRoot user-interface and it will start rooting your device.
  12. Soon you will get the Root Complete message on the display and you’re done.
  13. You can unplug from the computer and delete the rooting tool from your computer.
  14. Reboot the Honor Holly U19 and open the Google Play Store app. Search for the SuperSU or the Superuser app and install one of them on your device to handle the rooting permissions to apps. That will help keep your device safe from malware.

You might like to check out the LBE Pirvacy Guard app we mentioned earlier and have it running on your device as the first root-requiring app.