These are the steps to root the Haier W860 device. Once you finish the rooting guide, you should check the app drawer for the SuperSU app. If you do not see the SuperSU app available from your app drawer, open the Google Play Store application and browse the Play Store. Agree to download and install the SuperSu app made by Chainfire.

Once you install the app on your Haier device, it might prompt you to update the SU binary. Accept this and follow the prompts until your SU binary is updates and the superuser has access to your system. It’s the SuperSU app that is going to keep your device safe from any malware.

Haier W860

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest Framaroot APK version from this page.
  2. You do void the Haier W860 warranty when you choose to root the device. You can get the warranty working again by unrooting the device.
  3. The Framaroot app will root the Haier W860 device running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
  4. You need to transfer the rooting package from the SD card to the app drawer. You might want to learn how to install APK files on Android devices for that.
  5. Those of you choosing to install the APK with a File manager might be interested in checking out the best File Managers for Android.

Rooting the Haier W860

  1. Download the Framaroot APk from the files section above directly to your computer and transfer it over to the desktop.
  2. Those of you using a Windows PC will find the Framaroot in the Downloads folder by default. Open that Downloads folder and then click and drag it over to the desktop.
  3. Make sure you have the Unknown Sources working on the Haier device by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  4. Connect the Haier W860 to the computer with the USB cable you normally use for charging the battery.
  5. Copy the Framaroot APK over to the root of the W860 SD card. The root of the W860 SD card means you have to keep it at the topmost folder.
  6. Unplug the Haier W860 device from the computer once you have the APK on the SD card.
  7. Launch any File manager on your W860 device and install the Framaroot APK file so it turns into an app.
  8. Tap on the Framaroot icon available from your device’s app drawer where you normally find your apps.
  9. Tap over the Barahir option from the app main page.
  10. The Barahir exploit will now rooting your device in just one click.
  11. Wait until you see the Exploit Result screen with the success message before exiting the app.
  12. Reboot your Haier W860 device and then open up the Google Play Store and install the root checker application.

You are free to open the Google Play Store and install any of the root-requiring apps you wanted to try.

[Acknowledgements: alephzain]