The BLU Life One M smartphone was launched in January 2014 and it carries the Android 4.2 version. Although the said Android version is still popular even after a year of device’s launch, it’s still stock and that means you really can’t do a lot of things on it. It restricts users to perform various actions on their devices, modifying system files being one of them.

If you don’t want to be under limitations and want to have the freedom to use your device whatever way you want, you should consider rooting it. Not only does rooting allow you to edit system files, but it lets you do many more things that you haven’t even thought of. One of these things is the ability to get access to root-requiring apps that do more than those traditional apps on your device.

BLUE Life One M

If this sounds good to you, here’s how you can gain root-access on your device:

Files You Need

1. Download the Framaroot APK and copy it over to your device’s SD card.

Rooting the BLU Life One M

1. The first step towards rooting your device is to install the application that you just downloaded. By default, Android doesn’t let you install apps that you haven’t downloaded from the Google Play store. In order to install Framaroot app on your device, you’ll first need to enable installation of third-party apps on your device. To do that, simply head to Menu->Settings->Security and turn on the Unknown sources option.

2. Open File Manager and tap on the Framaroot APK and it will install. Just follow the on-screen instructions and the app should be installed on your phone.

3. Tap on the app icon in your app drawer and it will launch.

4. The app should list out all the root exploits that you can use to root your device. It doesn’t mean that all of these exploits should work for you. The exploit that works for your phone is Barahir so tap on it. It should begin rooting your device.

5. When the app has done its operations, you should see a success message on your screen that says your device is now rooted.

6. Reboot your device at this point.

7. When your device boots-up, look for the SuperSU app in your app drawer. If it’s there, you’re all set.

You did it!

Your BLU Life One M is now rooted and the SuperSU app that you got installed on your device should allow you to provide various root-permissions to root-requiring apps on your device. There are root apps out there that can help you with just about anything. Often what a root app can do is also available to the stock Android user also, but the root apps can still be the preferred choice. Take changing the Android boot animation for instance where it has an easy way to do it from the stock Android operating system but also an excellent root app called Boot Animations that can help people choose from over 300 boot animations.