Android Wear devices have recently made debut all across the globe, and the Asus ZenWatch is one of those devices. The Asus’s own ZenWatch sits on the wrist of your hands and lets you use a real phone-like features without reaching out to your pocket and grabbing your real phone.

To make your experience with the Asus ZenWatch even more smoother, you can root the watch and then enjoy root-requiring apps on it. These apps let you customize your watch the way you want so that your watch is truly yours. For example, if you do not like the appearance of your watch, simply get it changed using a root-requiring app or even by flashing a whole custom ROM on your watch.

Asus ZenWatch

So, that all comes with root-access, and here’s how you can gain root access on your Asus ZenWatch:

Files You Need

  1. Backup your watch before doing this tutorial as the data can be lost in case something goes wrong.
  2. You must have a computer that runs Windows to do this tutorial as the root app that you are going to use is Windows only.
  3. You should have Universal ADB drivers installed on your computer. Without them, your computer will not be able to recognize your watch.
  4. This uses KingRoot method to gain root access on your Asus ZenWatch.
  5. Download KingRoot to your computer.

Rooting the Asus ZenWatch

  1. On your Asus ZenWatch, head to Menu->Settings>About and tap on Build number for 7-8 times. It should unlock the developer menu on your watch.
  2. Head to Menu->Settings->Developer options and turn on the option that says ADB debugging.
  3. Connect your watch to your computer using a suitable cable.
  4. Launch KingRoot on your computer by double-clicking on its executable file.
  5. You will see that not all the options in the root tool are in English. However, working with them is quite easy.
  6. Click on 开始root in the tool and it should begin rooting your watch.
  7. Wait for KingRoot to obtain root access on your watch.
  8. When the tool’s done rooting your watch, reboot your watch.
  9. By default, KingRoot installs a Chinese SuperSU app on the watch. To get the standard SuperSU app, open Google Play and search for and tap on SuperSU to install it on your watch.
  10. You are now fully rooted!

Excellent! Your Asus ZenWatch is now rooted and ready to be loaded with your favourite root-requiring apps.

If root-access alone just does not cut it for you, you can even flash a custom recovery on your Asus ZenWatch to then get some custom ROMs running on your watch. And fortunately, you do have TWRP Recovery available for your watch, so there is no worries about how and where you can get a custom recovery for your watch.

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