Samsung devices are some of the most popular devices for gaining root access and hacking away the system internals from the factory restrictions we as users wish weren’t in place. We cannot stop these large companies from clamping down the restrictions before these devices leave the factories. However, we can open them up and it’s legally sound to do so since we are paying for the devices. if you have owned the Samsung N9106 for a while, but haven’t found a working rooting method, your luck is about to change. Today we’ll teach you how to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab N9106 tablet with a new one-click universal rooting tool. The new tool, namely KingRoot is the best method going around because you cannot brick your device.

Thanks to the ingenious way it works, the KingRoot tool searches through its cloud-based system for any known rooting methods that have been made, not just by them, but anything they can source available from the system. If you an a positive result, you can click the button and it will continue to root your device. Those without the ability to get root access will get a message on the display telling them about that. Therefore, it’s impossible to brick your device. You are not taking any unknown risks when clicking buttons.

KingRoot Tool: root any Android

Furthermore, we already know the Samsung Galaxy Tab N9106 is available to root using KingRoot because the makers have listed it under the Samsung list of devices that are compatible with the universal rooting tool.

Files you need

  • Download the official KingRoot app from this XDA Developers thread.
  • There are two main KingRoot versions. The one we have in the link above is made as an application for your smartphone or tablet. However, there is also a desktop version. The KingRoot team recommends you give the desktop version a try if the app doesn’t work for you.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab N9106

  1. Download the app and install it just like you would any other application.
  2. Open the app from the app draw and tap the ‘Try to Root’ button.
  3. The KingRoot app will now ping its own servers for the best knowledge on what to do with your particular device and model number.
  4. Once it learns it can get the root access, it will bring up the progress bar and continue to root the device. Wait until it’s finished.
  5. Now that you are finished, you might prefer saving time and making sure it works by installing the root checker application from the Google Play Store.


If you device get stuck in a boot loop whereby it doesn’t get past the boot logo, you want to enter recovery mode. For all Samsung devices that’s pretty easy: hold the Power + Home + Volume Up and enter the recovery mode. Now you should apply the wipe data/factory reset option. Just make sure you did back up before applying this button or else you’ll wipe the tablet clean and lose all the data. You need to be able to restore that data by creating a backup first.

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