The Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 can now get root using our favorite tool for the job called Cf Auto Root made by popular Android develop ChainFire. I’ve said many times that I love using this because it gives users closer to stock Android than any other method we know of out there today. Furthermore, it is easy to use, so you don’t need to be a specialist to understand the steps given below here. This guide will look long, but a lot of the real estate is taken up with things you should learn before starting such as the prerequisites so you don’t finish with regrets and wish I had told you something that you didn’t already know. If you’ve done this already or are a regular with our guides then, you can skip the checklist and go straight to the tutorial. Nonetheless, if this is your first time or you have no recollection of most of what you need to know before hand then I recommend you have a good read over what I write directly below.

We want to gain root access because it is very necessary of you want to have a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 unchained and using its full power. Otherwise, it will be locked with petty factory and default restrictions, and that is only good for manufacturers because they want to restrict you to their services because it is a business for them. That makes little sense to use because after we pay for our tablets surely we can do what we want with them just like you could with your cars.

Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

Details of Note

  • Over the past few working weeks, I’ve learned that a lot of people struggle with backing up their Android handsets. In knowing that I’ve gone and done a lot of research so if you need help after what I write I can offer it. Just leave a comment or get in contact with me, and I’ll help. But before we assume you need it I’ll do my best and running through many helpful tips you can see. Google has a service called Google Drive, and if you have run out of space on the maximum users space of 12 GB on the Tab 4, then Google Drive is a great place that offers more space. Sammy also offers additional access with microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC memory cards available at the store. There is already a slot made in the device for this to slot in there. For this tablet, you can buy up to 64 GB of additional space in one card. There is also smaller cards available that cost less. What’s even better about this idea is that there is no limit to how many cards you buy. Therefore, you can have limitless space as long as you don’t mind having lots of cards.
  • Don’t start unless you have put a stop to any security programs and applications currently turned on from the Android OS or the computer. Speaking of computers we want to use a Windows PC because Odin, which we will be using today, does not work on Linux or Mac OS X. It is an app made by real Samsung developers and, therefore, very trustworthy tool, but currently there is no version for anything that isn’t Windows XP through to Windows 8.
  • This guide is for the tab T330 so do not try and install the file on any other version. If you need to check the model number, so you are sure go to Settings > About tablet > and look at the build number. When it matches up with T330 then you can continue. If it doesn’t then, you will need to look for another guide with the digits that you see.
  • Download and install the Samsung USB Drivers in order to connect the device successfully to a Windows computer. If you try to connect to Odin later on and it doesn’t work, this is where you should come back to. We like the sources we give for the information but if it isn’t working for you try another source for the drivers. The Samsung official website will have them for you.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode from Develop Options. The Develop Options is in the Setting’s menu. It is visible because this tablet started with Android 4.4.2 KitKat so therefore we know it came with it.
  • Once you have finished here, you can easily install custom ROMs and custom recovery images such as ClockworkMod, TWRP and more. Those are the most popular choices, and we enjoy both of them. ROM’s are an excellent way to change the look of the OS so you or your girlfriend can have different them with different colors and more. There’s also a great range of apps that become available that couldn’t see the usage without root. They aren’t just fun and games either. Some of them will boost the performance of the OS by overclocking the CPU. It’s like putting a bigger heart in a human or a bigger engine in a car.
  • Since we have you smiling full, it is time to bring you back down to earth just for a moment and tell you that following this will void the devices warranty. The same developers are very talented and has made another application called Triangle Away. With it, we can reset the flash counter and take away the warning orange triangle after booting it up. However, this will not fool a worker into thinking the warranty is OK because it still trips Knox no matter what. Hopefully somebody soon a developer can create a way around this.
  • If you want to keep the Odin app to your hard-drive, I recommend using Windows Vista or newer instead of XP. With XP, it is harder to locate files unless you remember the exact name. With Vista and Windows 7 + 8 you can just go to Start > Search box and start typing in “Odin” and it will appear as the zipped file. Then click it to open and unzip. It will always be here for you to find. If you prefer just doing this once and deleting the file, so it is no longer on the C Drive then just save it to the desktop and delete it after you have finished the installation.
  • This tablet has a 4450 mAh battery, and it also features USB charging and is a USB Mass Storage device. By nature, it will start charging the battery and use the computer as if it was a phone charger. In order for this to happen plug it in with the USB cable that comes in the box. You probably use this same cable already for frequently charging every day. Anyhow, the point is with this working there is no need to have consciously kept battery power before starting this guide because it needs to connect to the PC system unit; therefore it will finish with more power than when it started. However, on rare occasions it doesn’t work for some people because not enough power is coming to the USB port. If yours does not charge, you will need to have at least 50 % battery saved before starting. It will ensure that the tablet does not switch off fro ma result of not enough battery before starting. If it does turn off during the guide that is bad and we want to avoid this.

 How To Root The Samsung galaxy Tab 4 8.0 T330

1. Download the CF file from this link.

2. Download Odin 3.09 from here. The link is on the first page.

3. Download both to the computer HDD to a place of your choice.

4. Have the tablet turned off before continuing.

5. Boot in Download Mode by pressing Power + Home + Volume Down

6. Open Odin.

7. Plug the tablet into the system unit on a PC with a USB cable.

8. Watch a message in Odin say it is “added.” if this message is not there it is a USB Driver issue. Try to download them again if you didn’t the last time.

9. Locate the AP button and click it to upload the CF-Auto-Root.tar file.

10 leave the default settings with Auto reboot and F reset Time options marked as though they say “on.”

11. Leave re-partition unmarked. It represents the “off” position.

12. Click the Start button and it will do the rest.

13. Wait until it says, “pass” before shutting down Odin.

14. Don’t shut down the computer until you have clicked the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray located in the right side of the taskbar. Put a stop to the USB Mass Storage device.

Well done! Now you are finished.

Has something to share with us? If something didn’t go smoothly or you would rather ask a question before rushing into a step, please let us know by leaving a comment. We are always online and ready to reply to questions.

There are a few known errors that people get from time to time. If you see, the “Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped working” then head to the Google Play Store and download the SuperSu app to solve the problem. Boot loops will require a factory reset, so we hope you backed up the data as we suggested. Users can also download the Root Checker application from the Play Store if they want to make sure it has a root.