The Samsung Galaxy flagship series of smartphones is now up to the S5 with the S6 only a month or so away. As you probably know already, that means this device is a couple of years old. With time comes many software updates and firmware builds, Well, Google patch security holes in past software updates which means there is different rooting methods depending on what firmware you are running. There is one way where you can get a universal rooting guide. Read more about that after the jump.

To root the Samsung Galaxy S3 on specific firmware builds without a computer is difficult. However, we can install ClockworkMod recovery, along with SuperSU (from Chainfire) and technically come up with root access that way. You see, sometimes SuperSu helps with root and other times it’s also a proper way of opening up the system internals.

Galaxy S3

Having root access isn’t much use without a custom recovery image to work with the SuperSu. The two main types of custom recovery images are ClockworkMod (CWM) and Team Win TWRP recovery. The guide here is using the ClockworkMod recovery.

Details of Note

  • You must install the custom recovery if you want to install a custom ROM, custom firmware or take a Nandroid backup after unchaining the system internals.
  • You cannot take a Nandroid backup until after the guide is complete. That said, we do recommend still taking a proper backup of the device by using other techniques. You can use the built-in backup functionality, third-party applications from the Google Play store, or by any other method of your choice.
  • Make sure you store the photos, music files, videos, settings, applications, call logs SMS texts and more.
  • You don’t have to enable USB Debugging mode this time because we are not connecting to the computer. However, if you do have a computer we recommend using it to download the file to the desktop first and then transfer it over to the internal SD card on the smartphone.
  • Transferring files from the computer is always the safest method. That’s no different in this case. However, if you don’t have a computer to use you can apply the following at your own risk. You won’t find a safe guide for the same.
  • The following represents an unofficial operation which Google and Samsung do not give you permission to partake in the activity, Therefore, the warranty is instantly void after the steps. If you can take your device back to stock Android (with bloatware) from Samsung apps and services,  then you are without root access once more; thus the warranty is working again.
  • Since this handset is over two years old for many shoppers, most of the warranties will not be working at this stage any way. However, you can still buy old phones so some people will not have had this device for two years yet. All of you people may still have a warranty that’s working.

How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy S3 With Root Access Without A Computer

  1. Download the file from this link.
  2. Download the file directly to the phone and bypass the transferring from computer.
  3. Boot the device into ClockworkMod recovery by pressing volume up + home’ + power buttons.
  4. Release the power button after one second, while still holding down the other buttons.
  5. Navigate to “install from SD card.”
  6. Navigate to “choose zip from SD card.”
  7. Upload the zip file which you downloaded earlier.
  8. Wait for the flashing to complete.
  9. Go back to where you came from in the first recovery menu and press the “reboot system now” option.
  10. The phone will boot itself in normal mode again and you should have root access. Now you are ready to flash a custom ROM or browse the Google Play Store where you can install extra applications you couldn’t use earlier.

That’s all.