You may recall the beginning of the year when we reported that the New York Times reporter Eldar Murtizan said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be coming at ‘low key’ event held in Barcelona during February. Well, it turns out that was spot on the money and the secondary report of the Galaxy Gear 2 coming out alongside the Sammy flagship smartphone for 2014 was right too. The New York Times then went on to say that both mobile devices will be launched on the 24th of February to cap off a perfect trio of events.

There’s a brief run down for you of when the second generation Sammy smartphone first came to light, and it has the dubious task of performing much better than the first generation. Last years model was a flop even though it was my favorite watch to look at compared to the other choices at the time.

Custom ROM Galaxy Gear

Some of you might not be cognizant, but the Gear smartwatches do have GB’s worth of internal memory. Now when it comes to dishing out traditional backup instruction we can’t because it’s impossible to backup market apps, and contacts to these watches, but what we can do is backup the media. By media what I’m referring to is pictures, video and anything else that is similar. To backup media go to the Gallery, tap on the photos you want to save and the tap menu followed by transfer to transfer the image to the smartphone.

Make sure you have charged the battery enough so that it will last until the procedure finishes. You also want to have up to date drivers installed because we are connecting to a computer during the guide and transferring files.

 The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Root Guide For R380XXU0BNE5 Firmware

1. Download the latest Odin 3.09 and the root file from this page and install it on the computer.

2. After the download completes, you need to extract the file and then run the app.

– have it open and ready on the desktop for a moment.

3. Turn the smartwatch on in download mode.

– press Volume Down + Power + Home just like you would from a normal Samsung-based smartphone.

4. Connect the watch to the computer

– wait for the “added” message inside the Odin program and watch the ID: COM port change color.

5. Click the AP button

– upload the R380XXU0BNE5rootfs_root.tar file

– wait until the file extension is visible in the bar, so we know it is fully loaded and ready to go.

6. Check that the default settings in the Odin application are not altered

– there should be Auto reboot and F Reset Time options marked as representing the on position.

– the re-partition box should be left empty

7. Click the Start button when ready

– do not touch anything until it finishes.

8. Wait for the ID: Com port to change color again and say “pass.”

9. Turn off the app and disconnect the watch from the computer properly.

On rare occasions, people can get themselves stuck in a pickle and needing help to get out. Luckily they’ve included a way that owners can reset their watches by following a few easy steps that I’ll run you through quickly. Go to Settings > Reset Gear and tap the OK option to reset successfully.

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