The Samsung Galaxy S5 4G LTE didn’t make as great a splash on the market as we though it would thanks to the abundance of people who already happily invested in the first S5 flagship made of plastic. Nonetheless, it remains my favorite Sammy device for the year 2014 and today I’ll show you how you can unlock the system internals and open it up to custom ROMs, custom firmware and additional applications for tweaking the OS and having extra fun.

We are using the CF-Auto-Root tool made and developed by ChainFire who is our favorite rooting developer. He makes a tool that delivers as close to the stock experience as possible, all while making the steps easy to follow and the procedure reasonably safe. You do not need to be an advanced user to follow the guide. However, we do always advise that you find somebody with some experience to assist you since we are always prone to making mistakes our first time. Make sure you follow the steps carefully if it is your first time using Odin, flashing firmware or rooting files.

S5 Prime

  • Before we get down to business you must learn the pre-requests just in case you don’t know them already. If you are an advanced Android users you can skip ahead to the steps since you already know what you are doing.
  • Make sure you backup the smart phone data before starting the steps just in case the phone gets stuck in a boot loop and it requires a factory reset to get out of trouble. There are so many ways to do this. We don’t mind you showing initiative and following your personal way if you are familiar with backing up already. However, those that literally don’t make copies of the sensitive data at all should take time to follow our tips. Download and install an application such as Helium from the Google Play Store to back up the market applications effectively and sync the contacts. Use an app such as SMS Backup + to make copies of those texts from your girlfriend you don’t want to lose.
  • Unchaining the OS with tools such as these will void any remaining device manufacturers warranty. Most warranties are only for a limited time so if you want to come back at a later date after the warranty is up anyway, you can do that also. Furthermore, we can lock the OS up again and take it away afterwards if you want. Doing so returns the flash counter back to zero and the workers cannot notice the OS was previously tinkered with, thus making the warranty in perfect working order once more.
  • Make sure you have stopped over at the Developer Options and enabled USB Debugging Mode. Additionally, have the Samsung USB Drivers up-to-date by installing them manually or by using Samsung Kies. Remember to disable Kies before starting the steps after the drivers are installed. Moreover, much like Kies, you want to stop any security program running on the OS such as antivirus, malware protection and spyware protection. It’s not a huge deal if you don’t, but they can interfere with the flashing tool.
  • You must have a notebook, laptop or desktop computer with Windows installed since the Odin tool made by Samsung only works in conjunction with the Redmond-based software. It’s possible to flash files by other means, but not using the tool we are using today. If you adore ChinaFire’s work and wish to continue using his methods, it’s a fantastic idea to start buying a Windows machine for future tasks.
  • The S5 Plus (or prime model) comes with USB charging as s stock feature. That means the battery is charging when connected with the computer. The phone turns off for a moment during the steps, but only a minuscule amount of battery will drain at this time. That means as long as USB charging is working you don’t need to worry about the battery levels from the Status bar. However, if USB charging isn’t working on your smart phone or tablet you must turn it on and take a look at the reading from the status bar and ensure it’s over 50%.

How To Use ChainFire’s CF-Auto-Root Tool To Root The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE International Qualcomm SM-G900 Variant

1. Turn the computer on and log in to the user account.

2. Download the to the desktop.

3. Download Odin 3.09 here.

4. Open the Odin application and leave it running on the monitor.

5. Fetch the USB cable.

6. Boot the Galaxy S5 Prime into Download mode.

7. Press Volume Down + Power + Home keys at the same time.

8. Upload the tar file with the “CF” extension to the PA button.

9. Leave the default settings.

10. Do not check the partition box.

11. Click the Start button.

12 Wait for the flashing to finish.

13. Look for the “pass” message appearing.

14. Disconnect the smart phone properly by stopping over at the safely remove hardware icon from the system tray.

15. Stop the USB Mass Storage Device.

16. It is complete once the prime finished rebooting.