When it comes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, most people’s attention is on how to install the Google Play Store before anything else. Once you get that tweak worked out, you can start enjoying all the same apps as other Android users who are not using the special FireOS by the Amazon company.

You might not know it, but by adding the Google Play Store to your device, you have officially started doing something towards device customization — and that is exactly our goal with root access too!

Device customization can be oodles of fun for everyone, especially if you are someone who already has a cause for wanting to root the device. Most people already know about applications like Greenify, Titanium Backup, ROM Toolbox and the SuperSU, but one app you might not have heard about yet is the XBooster application. With the Xbooster running on your Amazon Kindle Fire, you can change the system parameters through profiles. Once the profiles have been set up, just toggle between them to choose the performance of your choice. The Xbooster app comes with two main modes, namely the hard gaming mode and the multi-tasking mode. Those two modes offering the polar opposite of each other.

Files You Need

  • Download the KingRoot version 4.62 or above from here.

Rooting the Amazon Kindle Fire 4th generation (2014) running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

  1. Download the KingRoot application directly from the web browser application on your Amazon Kindle Fire device. Alternatively, you can download it to the desktop of a computer and copy it over to the internal storage SD card. Once on the SD card, you may learn how to install apps from your SD card and check out the best File Manager for the job.
  2. Once you have installed the KingRoot application on your Kindle Fire 2014 tablet, head to the app drawer and tap on the KingRoot icon so that the application opens.
  3. Tap on the large button from the main KingRoot page that suggests it will root your device.
  4. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the application gives you the success message on the display of your Kindle Fire device.
  5. Close the KingRoot universal one click rooting application and then reboot your Kindle Fire 2014 device.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to root the Amazon Kindle Fire 2014 device using the easy universal one click rooting tool, namely KingRoot. You can instantly head over to the Google Play Store and install the root checker application if it’s not on your device already. Open the root checker app from the app drawer and follow the on-instructions to check if your device is rooted. You will also notice the KingUser application is available from your Kindle’s app drawer. That’s the Chinese version of SuperSU and is the application that is issuing the root permissions to your device. Do not delete that KingUser until you want to unroot the Kindle Fire 2014 device otherwise you will not get the root permissions you are wanting to install apps like the Xbooster we wrote about in the introduction.