Sony rolled out an update, namely 23.0.1.A.0.167 Android 4.4.4 KitKat for the Xperia Z2 and the Z2 tablet. The new update came with many features including PlayStation 4 remote play, STAMINA mode, high-resolution audio playback, headphone settings and more. Most of you have already updated to the new software version and are looking for root access. The great news is that it is possible. However, it doesn’t come easily, nor straight forward with a standard root package.

Rooting phones and tablets takes away the default factory restrictions imposed by the device manufacturers. To get the most out of the OS we must unlock the bootloader and unlock the system internals so we can start installing custom ROMs and other applications. You can download countless of these rooted apps from the Google Play Store. It doesn’t need a separate “repository” like the iPhone does with Cydia and the Big Boss.


Details of Note

  • As usual, there are several essentials to consider before applying the steps. You must find a computer since a connection between the phone and computer must be made with a USB cable. Search for the USB cable that comes out of the box and is often associated with the phone charger. You may use the same wire connecting the charger daily without realizing.
  • You should charge the battery on the phone or tablet so that the battery icon from the status bar reads at least 50%. You can only read the status bar after turning the device on and looking. Most of you have the USB charging feature working, therefore the battery chargers up while plugged into the computer. However, if this feature is not working for you it’s important to make sure the device doesn’t shut down before the flashing is finished. You risk soft-bricking the device if it shuts down.
  • Bear in mind that the steps are only for the Z2 series and not for any other. Do not attempt flashing and unlocking the system internal on the Z1 or the Z3 as you risk bricking the device.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Option on the handset. Find the Developer Options menu that comes from the Settings menu. Inside is the USB Debugging option. Moreover, you want to have the up-to-date USB Drivers. If you plug the phone or tablet into the computer and can get access to the data from the internal or external SD card, you know the drivers are working.
  • Since we understand that Sony do not permit rooting, we run considerable risks when deciding to follow the steps. The main risk is that it can result in bricking of the device. Secondly, it automatically voids the rest of the warranty. You can restore the warranty so that it’s working again by flashing the stock software update and revoking the root access.
  • You must backup the phone to the internal or external memory options such as the SD card with Google Drive. If you don’t want to use Google Drive try using the Helium application available from the Google Play Store. Backup the phone contacts, market apps, videos, text messages, pictures and any other personal data you don’t want to lose. The device is wiped when following this guide.

How to Root 23.0.1.A.0.167 Firmware on the Xperia Z2 smartphone and tablet

1. Downgrade the firmware once again to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

You must find the firmware version and region from this page and follow the guide.

2. Root the device using the Xperia root kit here.

3. Install the Dual recovery.
– use the Philz Touch ClockworkMod recovery and TWRP recovery from this page.

4. Lastly, create a rooted Android 4.4.4 KitKat image and flash that image to the Z2 by following this thread.

After finishing the steps you may have some problems. The chief concern is getting stuck in the boot loop. If that happens to you, you must boot up in recovery mode and select the “wipe data factory reset” option followed by “wipe cache partition”. Now go back and select “advanced” and select “wipe dalvick cache”. Go back to the main recovery menu and select the “reboot system now” option.