The blessing about the Winnows 8 is that it comes with two operating systems- one is that for a tablet where you can use touch optimization and use your fingers to navigate, The function is mostly predominate in the PC tablets and hybrid laptops. The other one is the traditional mouse and keyboard click optimization that basically defines the whole computer experience. If you own a PC tablet or a hybrid laptop, you might want to use it like a traditional one to get the most out of your device. But, there’s a catch. The cursor of the mouse is very tiny and the whole window UI is customized around that. But our fingers are huge compared to that of a cursor. So, that may irritate and annoy you. A lot.

Windows 8 Metro Logo

But we have a solution:

Re-size the window border.

Yes, you can do that!

How to resize the Windows border in Windows 8

  • First of all, you need to back up your registry. This step is VERY crucial. DON’T SKIP. Press the Windows icon and type “redegit” in the search tab. Find and select the key or subkey you want to back up. Then follow this path: File>Export>Save In>Select Location> Save.
  • Now, on the left hand side, you’ll see a long list of folders and icons and whatnot. Find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowsMetrics folder.  Click it.
  • On the right hand side, you’ll again see a long list of stuff. Search here and you’ll find two properties “BorderWidth” and “PaddedBorderWidth.”
  • These two decide the size of your border in terms of length and Width.
  • Double click on each one by one and change the “Value Data” in both. The value ranges are 0 to negative numbers. 0 is the smallest while higher the negative number, more smaller the border.
  • If you just got lost and have somehow messed it up, you can just set the lengths and widths back to default the values are: BorderWidth: -12. PaddedBorderWidth: -60
  • Restart your Windows and the changes shall take place.

Ending Note:

Tweaking the directory is risky. Make sure you back it up first before doing anything. This border tool really comes in handy. Use it well!