Contrary to popular belief, there is actually nothing wrong with the software, uTorrent. It does pertain a negative stimulus by the general public because it is commonly known as a gateway for illegal torrents to be downloaded. That doesn’t make it bad though because there is also plenty of good files which need to be accessed also.

Why would I want to access uTorrent remotely? Plenty of reasons. Because so many people are downloading a file so often, it’s not uncommon to leave the house and then realize you forgot to begin a process, or you have left a previous one on pause. For that matter you might have even forgotten to stop seeding one. Whatever the reason, gaining remote access can come in handy for many people.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to on your iDevice.

2. On the bottom of Safari is a share tab. Use this to select “add to home screen’.

3. Choose the remote tab.

4. Choose uTorrent remote.

5. Check the box that says enable uTorrent remote.

It will now prompt you to enter a username and password. Follow that instruction.

6. Next, sign in as you would normally do.

7. Now on your iPhone, launch the torrent app from your home screen.

8. Pin in the exact same digits you used previously to sign in.

That’s it. You have access to the torrent manager.

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