We reported about the iOS 7 beta 4 being released earlier today. In the article I mentioned we would be likely to see more news coming out about it over the coming 24 hour period. That has proved to be more true than I could ever have imaged after what seems to be fingerprinted code installed into the latest IOS 7 build.

When the beta version get palmed out, it’s always to developers. This gives access to the codes also. Hamza Sood is the developer that stumbled upon this big breakthrough, which could revolutionize the way we use iPhone security.

If we go back to last week’s report on the next generation iPhone rumors there was the noise of a new feature. This was said to be a slow motion camera. We believed it at the time because iPhone releases have proved that in the second coming of a release aka the ‘s’ versions, the device remains the same. However, a new cool feature is always brought out instead. It seems that we can forget about the camera for now. Although this is yet to be confirmed, I think it’s safe to say that this new finger print security to unlock your iPhone will be the revealed feature.

This should all be coming out rather too soon with the iPhone 5S being shown to the world over the summer break which is yet to commence.

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