While using Computer, we face many errors, such as file copy error, file delete error, etc. One of them is Blue Screen of Death. That happens when a hardware failure occurs on your computer. There are other reasons too exist for the occurrence of this error. As computer becomes old, the chances increase of this mistake. I was also suffering from this problem. Finally, I came to know about a software which can reduce the likelihood of occurring this mistake. First of all, we have to know that what happens when the Blue Screen of Death occurs.

Blue Screen of Death Effects

When this error occurs on the computer, your computer automatically shows a blue screen with some codes in it. The codes are the data from which the error had come. Usually, the hardware might have failed, and the sync driver file couldn’t sync the data, so it shows this screen.

How to Prevent Blue Screen of Death

If you search on the Internet, you will be finding many results on solving this issue, but none of them worked for me. Then, I came to know about a software called AntiCrash. This software reduces the chances of Computer crashes by 95.8%. And this software worked for me. What this software do is, when there are chances of occurrence of Blue Screen of Death, this software fixes the issue and then shows you a notification. The Software can also reduce the likelihood of data corruption which had occurred due to Computer Crash.

The software AntiCrash can be download from the below link:

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