As we seldom know, rooting an Android is one reason why the brand has become so popular in the mobile world. Even members of the Google team love hacking and support it. Once a device has obtained root access there is many things you can do. Overclocking has been just one these popular things.

What is Overclocking? Essentially, it means to crank up the power and make it to perform tasks quickly. When mobiles arrive on store shelves they are set at a certain speed. This speed is generally in the middle, which combines speed/power with the other side of the spectrum, which is battery length and overall device lifetime. The problem with this is that it does no suite everyone’s needs, as so many things that come stock don’t. Now that you have opened your device up, you now have the option to clock it at what speeds you would like.

How to Overclock the Sprint HTC One M7

1. Hit up this XDA thread and get the kernel required. Also download the quick boot app.

2. Connect the HTC One to the computer via USB.

3. Using the copy and paste feature, transfer the file to the mobile’s SD card. Unplug it from the computer now.

4. Open the quick boot app and select recovery to boot into recovery.

5. Navigate to choose zip and then install zip from SD card options.

6. Here is where you need to fetch out the kernel you grabbed from the thread in step 1.

7. Wait for it to finish flashing and reboot it once more.

Now it will be Overclocked.

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