The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with its 3220 mAh battery by no means has a shabby power supply. Most Note users can make it through the day with a little life left.  However even the strongest of batteries can be drained by a powerful processor, a brilliantly bright quality HD Display and powerful software features. So how can you stretch out that sacred power source? Luckily the solutions are very easy and can be done in just a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

One way to lower your battery use is to adjust the brightness settings on your Galaxy Note. Simply navigate to your phones display settings menu and check out the available options. Usually the Auto-Adjust Screen Brightness option will work fine and save battery life. If you see that your screen is sucking up too much life however then you can just manually adjust the screen with the Brightness option. Just know that doing so will deactivate your Auto-Adjust Screen Brightness option which will disable the high bright mode when reading something in bright sunlight. Also check out your Screen Timeout option. It is not necessary to be very long which causes battery loss. Samsung has the Smart Stay option also which keeps the phone lit up as long as it senses you are looking at the screen which is helpful for power usage.

Galaxy Note 4

The screen isn’t the only culprit though. A lot of times a pesky app is running in the background even after you are done with it taking valuable charge away from your phones power supply. To make sure this does not happen open up the phones Settings list and view the battery use section. Look around and see what is draining the battery the most. If you see that a few apps are still running in the background that you have not been using them force close them. You may also want to go into the apps settings and make sure that they are setup to promote longer battery life. You may end up having to remove the app if it is a developer problem.

If you are still having a problem keeping your phone off of the charger you have a few more drastic solutions that are available to you. Samsung sells an Official Replacement Battery Kit that comes with the battery and special charger to keep your backup ready for use. You can get one from Samsung for around $45 on their site. The charger is actually a box that the battery fits into staying charged at all times. All of these solutions, excluding the extra battery, are very easy to do and take very little time but they can make a big difference in the life of your Galaxy Note 4’s battery life.

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