The way in which websites load content can be a complicated process. People who browse the web and have little interest in knowing how to run sites won’t be interested in wasting brain space on learning things like what CDN is; however, for the case of this article we will explain it to you anyhow. CDN is a service that allows the website to deliver content to readers quicker than if they were just to pay a monthly fee to a web hosting company. You do still need to be assigned to a web host, but you will also need to sign up to a CDN service — none of the largest websites in the world operate without CDN running.

CDN works by having a service that has web servers located all around the world. It picks up on where the visitor is viewing a web page from and then it pings the nearest server to that location to increase the loading speed of that content. It is a very complicated process that works with little downtime and goes completely under appreciated by anyone who regularly uses the internet. CDN is also part of the cause of the problem of YouTube videos loading slowly because the IPS has throttled the connection between the CDN from the YouTube video and your account. Your Internet Service provider does not throttle the connection directly between YouTube and your account; however, they do throttle the connection between your account and the CDN service that is delivering the content to your account.


Making the YouTube videos load faster from Mac OS X operating systems

  1. Open the Terminal window.
  2. From the open Terminal window, enter the following command “sudo ipfw add reject src-ip in”.
  3. Press the Enter key on the Mac keyboard and then give your administrators password when prompted to do so on the display.
  4. Enter the next command in the Terminal window “sudo ipfw add reject src-ip in”.
  5. Close the Terminal window.

Mac laptop with El Capitan

In conclusion, that is all you need to make YouTube videos load faster on YouTube when using the Max OS X operating system. You should find the loading is quicker using any version of the Mac OS X operating systems, including the latest OS X El Capitan.