You can easily replace the stock recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and enhance the Android experience. The TWRP recovery is an upgrade on the CWM recovery as it now includes a touch interface. Once you have flashed your device on this custom recovery, you can gain root access, install custom ROM and kernels and fix lags and bugs on your Android device. We are going to be using Odin in this guide.It means that it will be easy. If you are just a beginner or a pro developer, this guide will help and benefit you nonetheless.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

The Files You Need

  • Download the Odin flashing tool from here.
  • Device Drivers for Samsung can be found here.
  • The TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy S5.

It is recommended to download all these files ad unzip them on the desktop. Make sure that the USB debugging is enabled on your device. To do that, go to menu>settings>developer options. Tap it 6 or 7 seven times. Now go to settings.developer options.USB debugging. We are going to use Windows for this guide. Deactivate any security protections such as antivirus. Check the battery of your phone. If it is any less than 60%, charge it. Back up all your important data like messages, call logs, contacts, photos, music, documents, notes etc. This is an unofficial method. The warranty of your phone will get void.

This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A model numberN906K/S/L. Don’t use it for any other device.

Installing TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A

  • Check for the Galaxy S5 drivers on your computer. Install them through Samsung KIES if they are not already there.
  • Power up Odin.
  • Now, long press the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons at the same time to enter into the donwload mode on your device.
  • Use the USB cable to make a secure connection of your phone with the PC.
  • On the Odin, a “Added!” message will show up. The ID:Com will turn blue or yellow.
  • Click on PA and select the TWRP file that you downloaded. Uncheck the Auto Boot and Re Partition boxes.
  • Press ‘Start” and be patient. This may take a while.
  • When the process is successful, a ‘Pass” message will appear on Odin and the ID:COM will go green.
  • Now your device is safe to disconnect. Unplug it and reboot it.

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