The Micromax canvas Nitro A310 is a high-end phone and high-end phones will always need some custom and illegal actions to work better. So you also need to do this with your canvas nitro and today I will tell you to install the most popular TWRP recovery on your phone. Read all steps and follow them carefully.

Recovery is a hidden mode comes pre-installed with all android devices, we call this stock recovery. This is a mode which take place when you do a restart based actions with your device like factory reset or wipe all data. Whenever you do this your phone will get rebooted to this recovery mode and do its job hidden from you. There are also custom recoveries for android devices made by some third-party developers, stock recovery has its limitations like you can’t flash zip files, can’t mount OTG and you have to use it using the volume keys and power key but on custom recovery like TWRP you can use it like any app, TWRP supports touch screen.

Micromax A310

You need a windows based PC with internet connection, a USB cable and your phone. Your phone should be rooted or the app won’t work on your phone. Enable USB debugging mode by going to settings > about phone > tap on build number 7 times rapidly now come back again to settings > Developer Options > check the USB debugging option from here. Also make sure that your phone should have 50% battery on it because installing recovery will take away most juice from your phone.

This guide and files is only for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 so do not even attempt to install this on any other phone as this will brick your device straight away.

Steps to Install TWRP recovery on Micromax canvas nitro A310

  1. Download TWRP recovery image on your PC and move it to your phone via USB cable.
  2. Install Mobile uncle app on your phone (this app needs root).
  3. Now launch Mobile Uncle app on your phone and click on recovery update.
  4. Now browse your phone and select the recovery image download and transferred earlier in step 1 and click on OK.
  5. This will reboot your phone and after reboot you can check TWRP installed on your phone.

Congrats! your phone has been filled with some great power, now you can install custom ROMs, kernels and recoveries directly from this TWRP recovery.

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