Recovery is a hidden mode comes pre-loaded with all Android devices. Recovery is extremely useful for many things like clearing cache, installing a custom ROM and kernels. Stock recovery is one which comes pre-loaded with Android devices and  have some basic options. It also don’t have touch Screen support. You have to use them using the Volume Key and power key (use Volume keys to navigate and Power keys to select the option).

Installing a custom recovery to your Android device is unofficial operation so it is clear that after installing on your phone you will not able to get any help for your phone for free because your phones warranty will get void. Also take good care while installing this custom recovery on your phone because one wrong step may brick down your phone.


Take a backup of your important data stored on your phone. Doing that will keep it safe from any damage. Backup your contacts by syncing them to your Google account. Make a backup of your media files like photos, videos and music to your PC.

After installing custom recovery you will be able to root your Xiaomi Mi Pad. Read some awesome things to do with rooted phones and if your pad has been already rooted and want to unroot it back then read it here.

Make sure that your phone has 50% battery left before installing custom recovery on your pad.

Always install this recovery on Xiaomi Mi pad only, installing this ROM on any other Xiaomi or Android variant may brick the device.

Steps to install TWRP on Xiaomi Mi Pad:

  1. Download TWRP custom recovery package for Xiaomi Mi Pad from here and save it on your PC.
  2. Now connect your phone to your PC and transfer the recovery image to your phone.
  3. Unplug your phone from PC and turn it off completely.
  4. Now turn it on by pressing and holding the volume up key and power key together and when you see Mi logo leave the keys.
  5. Select the language from the menu (navigate using the volume keys and select using the power key).
  6. Now select “INSTALL UPDATE ZIP FROM MEMORY” and select done.
  7. After installation select reboot to system (system1 or system2).

That’s it! TWRP recovery is installed on your phone and you can reboot to this recovery using the same method as I told you in steps.

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