You have all the reasons to flash your HTC vivid on the ClockworkMod Recovery. After flashing your device to this custom recovery, you have backup the ROM, apply unofficial updates, install beta firmware and maintain and optimize your handset. Luckily, the Xda-developers have found a way to install this custom recovery on your HTC device. Even if you are just a beginner, follow his easy step-by-step guide as I show you how to do this procedure. And trust me, I know what I am doing.

First up, you need a handset that has an unlocked bootloader. By doing this, the warranty of your device is void. It can’t be claimed. Don’t worry, as you can regain your warranty by downgrading to the stock version or applying an official OS update. But, in that case, your bootloader will again be locked. That being said, we can now move to the procedure. Remember that this method is only for the HTC Vivid and not for any other similar smartphones. You can end up with a bricked device. Prerequisites


For this method, we will be using a computer and a USB chord for your HTC Vivid. Moreover, we recommend using a Windows PC as most Android tutorials work better with a Windows PC.

Backup all your important data such as messages, contacts, music, photos, videos, notes, documents etc. You can use third-party apps from Google Play that will work well with your HTC Vivid, or you can test the built-in backup feature. Our favorite backup application is Helium for Android for people without root access. If you have root access already you might prefer going with Titanium backup as it comes with a few more options.

You need to have the HTC Sync software on your computer. If not, click here.

Deactivate the security tools of your PC and your smartphone, such as firewalls and antivirus. Sometimes the virus protections software can interfere with proceedings and we want to stop that. Remember top switch everything on after leaving here.

Check the USB debugging option. Enable it, if it is disabled. Sometimes the USB Debugging Options isn’t available because it needs unlocking. You can easily unlock it if hidden by going to the Settings > About Device and tap the build number for the firmware seven times. You’ll have the Developer Options menu available from the Settings now.

So now we are safe and ready to apply the main method. Here’s how:

How to flash the CWM custom recovery on the HTC Vivid

  1. Download the fastboot on your computer.
  2. Extract the file and you’ll get four files i.e AdbWinApi.dll, adb.exe, fastboot.exe and AdbUsbApi.dll.
  3. Get the latest version of ClockWorkMod Recovery from here.
  4. Reboot your HTC Vivid.
  5. While rebooting, enter in the bootloader mode by pressing down the Volume Down key and the Power Key. A menu will appear. Navigate through the menu via the Volume rockers and select the Fastboot option from the menu.
  6. Use the USB cord to connect your HTC device with your PC.
  7. Open the Fastboot folder on your computer.
  8. Now follow the path: Shift + Right Click > Open Command Prompt Window here.
  9. A command prompt window will pop up on the screen. On it, enter: fastboot devices.
  10. Don’t close the window and copy the downloaded/extracted CWM file on the fastboot folder.
  11. On the command window, type: fastboot flash recovery abcdfile.img (Replace abcd.img with the name of your CWM file that you downloaded above). Press “Enter.”
  12. At the end, on the command window type: “fastboot reboot.” Press “Enter.”

Your will now reboot. You can disconnect your device from the Windows computer now and get ready to flash your first custom ROM. You can still install those excellent root-requiring apps from Google Play too! Read what things to do with a rooted Android for more reading.