You must try a custom ROM on your device at least once in your life, that’s how you will know that you were missing out on a lot of fun that you could’ve gotten had you replaced your stock ROM with a custom one.

You still aren’t too late to get a custom ROM installed on your LG G2 (T-Mobile variant). Please follow the following guide to learn how you can install a custom recovery on your device which will then let you flash a custom ROM on your device. Here you go:

CWM and TWRP Recovery

Files You Need

1. Please first root your device using our how to root the LG G2 (T-Mobile) tutorial and then come back here and continue.

2. This should let you install a custom recovery on your rooted LG G2 device.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the LG G2 (T-Mobile)

1. Head over to the Google Play store on your device and search for and tap on FreeGee. It’s a free app that lets you install a custom recovery on your device.

2. Once the app is installed on your device, launch it from your app drawer.

3. You should a number of options in the app that let you do many things on your device. The option that you’re supposed to tap on is Install CWM. It will install the CWM Recovery on your device.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for it to install the recovery on your device.

5. When the recovery is installed, reboot your phone.

6. You’re done.

Awesome! You just installed CWM Recovery on your device within a few clicks, no hassle at all.

We’d recommend you to install Quick Boot app to easily get into the recovery mode whenever you want.