One thing we always like to do with new OnePlus smartphones is dabble in customizing them. The stock Oxygen OS and CyanogenMod ROMs are all the inviting we need. When playing with a smartphone, we can often run into trouble. It’s not too difficult to think of situations where you might need to apply a factory reset, wipe the cache, wipe the data, enter the recovery mode and so on. Another neat trick that many OnePlus enthusiasts should time a minute to learn is force booting the OnePlus Two smartphone.

OnePlus Two

As I said earlier, when we play with our phones we can run into trouble. A classical example of trouble would be getting stuck in a situation where you must apply a force reboot or forced boot. The only problem? Sometimes attempting to learn how to force boot the OnePlus two is going to come too late and at a time where you cannot learn. Hopefully you have a read of this post if you are a subscriber so you can learn how it’s done before finding yourself stuck in a sticky situation. The other alternative would be to use a different device and ‘google how to force boot the OnePlus two to get the answer that way.

Force Booting The OnePlus Two

  1. Hold the Power button in for eight seconds or more before letting go.
  2. Wait for the OnePlus two to shut down.
  3. Reboot the OnePlus Two by holding the Power button for a quick couple of seconds before letting go.

Applying a force boot to your OnePlus does not wipe any data. You do not need to backup the data before reading and applying these steps. The Settings will not reset; nor will anything change apart from your small problem with the OS being solved. If you ever experience a shaky ROM, or are experiencing a small problem, try the force boot and see if it fixes the issue before going ahead with some different, more complex solutions.