If you are using a Google play store than you are most likely to be confronted by the ‘Error 919″. This happens when you are trying to download some apps from the Play store and it becomes unsuccessful and the ‘Error 919″ message pops up. This is mainly due to the memory shortage. If your memory is low,downloading can’t take place and gives you this error. Here are two methods to eradicate this problem but first, check the memory of your device.

You can check out all the steps you need to fix the dreaded error you surly cannot wait to get rid of on your Android device after the jump. Be sure to check out the tip coming after the picture before you get started on the guide. That way you are following the steps safely.

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Understand that you do not spontaneously lose the data on the Android device of your choice by following the guide. That being said, if you mare applying a hard reset to get out of trouble when something goes wrong, you will lose data. It’s safe practice to take a backup of the phone or tablet before going ahead. You can do that by using a number of third-party apps available from Google Play. Otherwise, you can see if your device has a built-in backup feature for storing data such as the phone contacts that way.

Clearing the Cache

In this method, you’ll need too delete the cache and data from your Google Play store.

– Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Store.

– There will be two buttons “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”. Click on them one by one. Return to the applications and click on the ‘Download Manager’ and clean the data from there as well.

-Now go to the Google Play Store again and resume downloading.

Internet Connection

Slow internet connection can also be responsible for causing you this particular issue. Changing to some other internet connection/network can help to fix it. If the download is being carried out on a WiFi connection then try switching to cellular data. If you are using cellular data to download the app then switch to a WiFi connection. But, if an app is 50 MB in size (or more) than this method will do no good and you’ll have to follow the first method.