The title recovery mode makes its job for the Samsung Galaxy J7 a simple: be able to recovery the device if something goes wrong. That’s exactly what the recovery partition on your Android operating system is designed for. With recovery mode, we can boot into that separate partition and choose to take a factory reset, effectively setting up the Galaxy J7 to the same way it was out of the box.

Due to the fact that if not used properly, the recovery mode can cause a disaster, it’s given a separate partition. That way, if your kids are using your device, they are not going to boot into the recovery mode and delete any data from your device. You could say the same thing for why it’s so difficult to boot into the Samsung Galaxy J7 recovery mode. If the button combination were easy, you might find your kids accidentally pressing the buttons and getting the device in the recovery mode. It’s for that reason that you must know the button combination to get your Galaxy J7 in the recovery mode.

Samsung Galaxy J7

The Android enthusiasts among you might know about a custom recovery. A custom recovery like TWRP recovery, ClockworkMod recovery or Philz touch recovery are made by third-party developers to offer greater features from a recovery mode. To have a custom recovery on your device, first you must install the new recovery. If you aren’t an advanced Android user and you just use your device for normal operations, then you will only have a stock recovery mode. We call this the stock version because it automatically comes with your device. Anyway, point being, if you have a stock standard recovery or a custom recovery, you can use the same steps during the guide.

Those of you with root access on the Samsung Galaxy J7 can download the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store. The Quick Boot app will boot your device into recovery mode for you without you needing to press and hardware keys.

Entering Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy J7

  1. Shut down the Galaxy J7 by holding down the Power key for ten seconds. Alternatively, you can quick-press the Power key just once and release it, then select the ‘Switch Off’ option from the smartphone display.
  2. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy J7 to recovery mode now by holding the Volume Up + Home + Power keys.
  3. Keep holding the keys until you can clearly see the recovery mode is now displayed.
  4. Samsung is great for recovery; use both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to scroll up and down. use the Power button to confirm a command. For example, if you want to wipe the cache partition, scroll using the Volume buttons until the ‘wipe cache partition’ option is now highlighted and press the Power button to confirm.