Do you need to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4? Or perhaps you want to wipe the cache partition or apply a system update. You can do all of those things from the recovery mode that comes built-in with your device. While it’s true a recovery mode does come standard with your Sammy Ace 4, there are also custom recoveries available. Sometimes people willingly install a custom recovery to override the stock version to get more features. A custom recovery comes with the ability to upload zip files for root access and installing custom ROMs. You can also take full backups from a custom recovery with better backing up solutions than any that are available for your Android without one install.

It doesn’t matter if you have a stock recovery or a custom recovery installed, you can get access to the recovery mode by using the same guide below. The guide we are using for entering recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 is the hardware key method. If you do not have the hardware keys working, or your hands are unable to correctly, press the keys for whatever reason, you can download apps from the Google Play Store to help you boot the Galaxy Ace 4 in the recovery mode.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

Using the hardware keys to boot into recovery mode on the Galaxy Ace 4 is by far the preferred method because it doesn’t add bloatware. You should reduce the amount of apps on your device so you don’t use up added memory space, drain extra batteries or prevent your device from running at optimum levels.

Entering Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

  1. Long-press the Power button for ten seconds until the Ace 4 smartphone is completely off.
  2. Those of you not wanting to long-press the Power button can alternatively press the Power button once and then select the ‘Switch Of’ option from the menu.
  3. Reboot the Ace 4 by holding the Power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time and do not let go of the keys until you can see the recovery mode.
  4. Do the tasks you wanted to do within the recovery mode, such as taking the factory reset.
  5. When you are finished doing what you needed to do, select the ‘Reboot System Now’ option from the menu.
  6. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 will now exit the recovery mode and boot back in the normal OS mode so you can use the smartphone again for your daily phone.