These are the instructions to enter recovery mode on the HTC Desire 610 smartphone so you can enter the stock recovery mode and any custom recovery mode.

The guide will show you two different methods for your 610 device: one using the hardware keys and the other using an application from the Google Play Store which requires root access to run.


Files You Need

  • Download the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store if you have root access to the internal system. You will need to root the HTC Desire 610 before using the app.

Entering Recovery Mode on the HTC Desire 610

  1. Hold the Power key down for a long-press and it will turn off the device.
  2. Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together at the same time and keep them firmly pressed for a few seconds.
  3. Soon you will see the Android robot on the display of your smartphone; release the keys at this time.
  4. Navigate through your menu using the Volume Down key and highlight the Recovery Mode option.
  5. Confirm you do want to enter the Recovery partition by pressing the Power button.
  6. Now your HTC Desire 610 is in the Recovery Mode. You can navigate through your list of options using the Volume keys and make your choices by pressing the Power key.

Those of you with the stock recovery partition can wipe the dalvik cache, wipe the data and factory reset, flash zip files from the SD card and partition the SD card. Those running a custom recovery can also choose to back up the 610 device using the NANDroid backup feature.