If you plan on using Odin for installing an official firmware release from Sam Mobile, installing one of the three main custom recovery images, or gaining root access on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’ll need to boot the phablet in download mode first. Once you have the download mode working, you can then connect the device to the computer.

Download mode isn’t something you need a great deal of preparation for. You don’t need to back up just for getting into the mode. However, depending on what task you plan on doing next, you probably should backup the device. It’s even a great idea to back your data before installing official software updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Not too dissimilar to recovery mode, the download mode is another mode that Samsung device owners can play with. However, recovery is usually reserved for literally recovering your device. Download mode is more a mode where you get in before choosing to download and install packages on the device.

There are three main ways to enter the download mode on the galaxy Note 5. The first and easiest is by installing apps from Google Play. However, we don’t recommend doing that because you ideally want to keep installing apps to a minimum on your device to reduce the bloating. The more apps you have the worse your device performance will be. Therefore, it’s best to just install the apps you need. Of course, you could always delete the app that helps you get into download mode, but most people will want to get into the download mode.

So, those wishing to stick with the apps don’t need a tutorial for that. Just head over to the Google Play Store and use the search field for your keyword of “download mode” and it will automatically ping you back the best results. Those preferring to so it manually can do that by using the steps after the drop.

Entering download mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. Start by completing powering down the Galaxy Note 5. To do that, hold the Power button for at least ten seconds.
  2. Hold the Volume Down + Power + Home keys down at the same time while booting the device from the off position.
  3. You will now see the download mode available from the display.

Now that you are in the mode, you can grab your USB cable and connect it to the computer. You should always access download mode before you connect to the computer with the USB cable or else it might not register properly with the computer. Moreover, if you didn’t know already, it’s usually Windows PCs only for connecting Android devices. If you are an Android fan, you should probably invest in a Windows PC next.

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