Download mode for Samsung devices in an important mode you must enter on your device if you are doing any number of tasks with the Odin flashing tool. Whether it be flashing official software update manually thanks to files provided by Sam Mobile, or installing a custom recovery, the Download Mode is critical to enter before connecting to the computer.

If you have not owned a Samsung device for very long, and you have owned other device running Android, you might know download mode as bootloader mode or fastboot mode. All three of these names are basically the same mode. The only difference is people say download mode for Samsung-based smartphones and tablets only.

Samsung Galaxy A

The Files You Need

  • You don’t need any files for entering download mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 devices. We are getting to the mode by pressing the hardware keys only.

Entering the download mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone

  1. Start by switching off the device — this is the most important part because your device might not be completely off when you think it is. Don’t be fooled by a sleeping black screen.
  2. Most Samsung devices will switch off after holding the Power button for ten seconds or less. Keep it in for the full ten seconds just so you cannot go wrong.
  3. Now reboot the Samsung Galaxy A7 pressing the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons.
  4. Hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons down for seconds until you see a warning message on the A7’s display.
  5. Don’t worry, this warning message is normal.
  6. Release the three keys (Home + Power + Volume Down) at this time.
  7. Now press the Volume Up button by itself and your device should navigate passed the warning message and be in the desired download mode.
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