Download Mode is a unique mode in Samsung devices only which is useful when you want to download or flash stock or custom ROM to your Samsung devices. Download Mode is hidden as the recovery mode in any other android device, in other devices this mode is known as fast boot mode and only Samsung devices has Download Mode for flashing and installing firmware files. There are also some methods to get access to this download mode on Samsung devices and the possible ones are listed in this article so you can easily access this mode on your Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos.

In Samsung devices, flashing firmware using Download Mode can only be done using Odin software. Odin software is an application made by Samsung to service their smartphones. Odin software is only for windows PCs so you should have a windows based PC to run this application and service your Samsung smartphone. Using Odin software you can also flash some part of the firmware like recovery or kernel. You can download the latest version (or which ever suitable for your Samsung smart phone) of Odin software from here.

Samsung Galaxy A3

  • You need a Windows-based PC to get access to download mode on your phone.
  • You also need a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos phone to your PC.
  • This important to back up your phone’s important data before accessing or installing any firmware on your phone.
  • Do not try to install custom firmware using download mode cause it will rise the flash counter to 1 which removes your phone’s warranty or ever.

Enter Download Mode Using ADB

In this method you need to reach Download Mode using the command window.

  1. First download the ADB package from here and extract it to your desktop.
  2. Now open that folder and right-click on the empty space inside that folder.
  3. Select “open command window here” from that pop up menu.
  4. Now connect your phone to your PC using USB cable.
  5. On the command window, type this command “adb reboot download”.
  6. Wait till your phone gets off automatically and boots to download mode.

Enter Download Mode Using The Hardware Keys

In this method you just have to do it with your phone only, you just have to press some key combination correctly.

  1. First unlock your phone and press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds.
  2. Tap on the Power Off option from the power menu.
  3. Wait till your phone gets off completely.
  4. Now press and hole volume down key, power key and home key together.
  5. Do not leave that combination till you gets to Download Mode.

These are the two methods to reboot your phone to download mode, these are the fail proof ways to reboot your phone to download mode. If you know any other method just share it with us using the comment section below.