A kids corner mode is a feature attached to the Windows Phone handsets, which basically allows you to hand your phone over to your kids to play with without any of your personal data and important information being jeopardized in the process; something I wish my parents had the benefit of when I was a child, because their solution was to not let me play with it at all instead. Of course, we didn’t have smart phones back then, but the same thing applies to computers.

1. Click on the settings icon from the home screen.

2. Look for where it says Kids corner and select it.

3. Now you need to choose the items, apps, etc. That you do want your kids using. Don’t select the ones you don’t want them using.

4. Confirm your choices being selected next.

5. It will now ask for a password. Make a password for your phone in normal mode.

6. Press the finish button.

Now you can let your kids on the phone without any stress involved in the process.

The Windows Phone has several different types of phones in its selection, ranging from a bunch of different numbers. The device in the image is the 625 for instance. It shouldn’t matter which version of the Windows Phone you have.