Are you wanting to install a stock Android Salora ROM on any of your Salora mobile devices? Well, you can do that easily by following our ROM guide after the drop.

Install a Salora stock ROM on your Android device is easy. First, you must download the right file for your device below from the links to the desktop of your computer. You can read the name that’s over the links for each device.

Salora Z1

Once you learn the name of your device you can use that link. from there you must extract the file by unzipping the files you downloaded on the desktop.

Inside the file you will find three things: the USB Drivers, the SP Flash Tool and the instructions. Now click the USB drivers file to install the correct Salora USB drivers on the computer for your device.

Next you must reboot the Windows PC for the same drivers to start working. You might want to bookmark this page for the guide so you can come back to it after the PC reboots.

Click the SP Flash Tool file and open the program on the desktop of the computer after the computer is back on again. Load the stock ROM file from the firmware folder on the desktop.

Find the USB cable you use for charging and use the same USB cable to connect the Salora device to the computer.

Look inside the Flash Tool for the Upgrade/Download button and click it. Now the tool is flashing the stock ROM to your device.

Wait until you see a green ring symbol to show that flashing is successful before unplugging from the computer and enjoying your new ROM!

Most links below are based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. However, the E1 is 4.1 Jelly Bean. We’ll keep updating the ROM list when more devices become available.

Stock ROM links:

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