LG F60 is a budget smartphone from LG. The hardware and software are good enough in this price range. It has a 4.5 inches of IPS LCD screen. A Quad Core 1.2 Cortex-A53 powers this smart phone with an auto focus 5 MP camera which is capable of taking a 720 p video with 30 fps. Overall this smartphone is the best in this price range. And if you are using an Android phone for the first time, then you should know some basics so you can do some stuff easily on your phone without any help.

In this tutorial I’ll tell you about how to boot your LG F60 into recovery mode. This process is not risky or illegal so you can take a long breath that this process won’t hurt your phone in any way. So stay tuned and read all the instructions and steps mentioned in this article carefully so you won’t mess things up.

LG F60

First I’m going to tell you that recovery mode is a hidden mode comes pre loaded with all Android smartphones. Smartphones can do some important stuff to serve you in the best way like when you update or factory reset your device. Your phone reboots itself to recovery mode and perform the specific task and boots your phone in OS normally. But you can also do these actions manually all by yourself! There are some ways with which you can boot your phone to recovery mode which I’ll tell you later in this article.

There are two types of recoveries in this android universe, stock and custom recovery. The stock recovery is one which officially comes pre-installed on any android device. This recovery has some basic options which you can do with your phone, this recovery also don’t a have touch screen feature so you have to navigate the menu with volume keys and select with the power key (or home key if your phone have one). But custom recoveries (like TWRP and PhilZ) is the one which does all the unofficial actions on your phone (installing custom recovery is also an illegal action), you can install custom ROMs, root your phone, custom kernels, install flash able zip files and much more you can do with this custom recovery. Furthermore, this custom recovery also has touch screen feature so you can operate this recovery as any app. But booting your phone to recovery mode is same for stock as well as custom recovery.

If you want to make some illegal actions with recovery, first make sure you backed up all of your important data and files stored on your phone. You can back up your contacts by syncing them to your Google account so you can never lose them.

Steps to Reboot your LG F60 to recovery mode using Hardware Key Combination

  1. First turn off your phone completely (press and hold power key for 10 seconds and wait till your phone gets off completely).
  2. Now boot your phone using power key and volume key together.
  3. When you see the LG logo leave the power key only (keep pressing volume down key).
  4. And press the power key immediately.
  5. When you see recovery menu (a screen with different options), release all the keys.
  6. Now in recovery mode you can navigate with volume keys and select with power key.
  7. You can also reboot your phone normally to OS mode by selecting “reboot system now option”.

Steps to Reboot your LG F60 to recovery mode Using Quick Boot Application

First I want to tell you that this method of rebooting your phone to recovery mode need root access because the app we are going to use is Quick Boot app that needs root access to work on your phone. Moreover, rooting your phone may void your phone’s warranty and next time you take your phone to care center for any assistance, you will be charged for that.

  1. Launch to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Quick Boot” app.
  3. Download and install that app.
  4. After installation launch it and follow the app to boot your phone to recovery mode.

Now you are in recovery mode, you can now perform some specific task manually all by yourself. If you are facing some difficulties booting your phone to recovery mode then ask about it by posting your difficulties to comment section below. And do not play with recovery too much because if you done some thing wrong in recovery that will cost you with losing your phone.

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