The following guide will teach you how to easily backup the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet. There are many reasons why one would want to back up the Note 5. The most common reason is if you are experiencing bugs in the software. It’s not always possible to do anything about bugs. You might navigate to the Settings > About Device > Software Updates > Check for updates and find no software update available. In addition to that, you might flash a firmware file manually with Odin and still not find your problem solved. Unfortunately, with the nature of today’s smartphones, we cannot always find solutions to bugs; we can only hope our phone carrier networks and Android release future software updates to help tackle the known bugs.

With all that being said, you can apply a factory reset to try to fix your problem. These factory resets, otherwise known as hard resets, will return your device back to its factory state.While it’s a handy trick, it also results in a complete wipe of any data. If you backup before taking the reset, you may restore that data again. However, those who have not backed up the data cannot restore it after a factory reset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Furthermore, you might be wanting to back up the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a computer because you are shopping for a new device and want to be able to transfer that same data to the new device. Finding guides for that can be tricky. As long as you manage to transfer the data from the old device to the computer, you should be able to transfer it from the computer, to the new device.

The Files You Need:

  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones to your Windows PC before starting the guide. Doing so makes sure that your Note 5 won’t have any issues talking to the PC.
  • The drivers shouldn’t be necessary in most instances, since your device drivers should automatically get installed by the computer after you connect.

Backing up the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a Windows PC

  1. Connect the Galaxy Note 5 to the Windows PC you want to store the data on by using the USB cable.
  2. Drag the status bar down on the Note 5 to show the notification bar.
  3. From the notification panel, select the file transfer option.
  4. You should get a message on your display that lets you know the connection has already been made between your device and the computer. Something along the lines of “Connected as a media device”.
  5. Tap where it says “Connected as a media device”.
  6. Check the box for Media device (MTP).
  7. You should get a pop up on the computer “Open device to view files”. Click it and you will see the files from the Note 5.
  8. Alternatively, navigate to “My Computer” on the Windows PC and you should see the main file for your Galaxy Note 5.
  9. Click the folder with the mouse to open the contents.
  10. Now that you can see the files from the Note 5, choose where to store them.
  11. You can create a folder on the desktop or create a folder from the C: Drive. Simply right-click the mouse, scroll down to “New” and choose “Folder” to make a new folder.
  12. Now you can drag the file from the Galaxy Note 5 folder and drop it in the new folder you created on the computer desktop or C: Drive.
  13. To drag and drop successfully, click the mouse over the file you want to transfer and keep the mouse clicked in without letting go. Now physically move the mouse cursor on the screen and drop it in the new folder you created.