Everybody needs some sort of organization in his life. It makes life much easier and tends to ease your day-to-day stress. Evernote is a great application in this respect. What it does is that it lets you note down important stuff like grocery lists, tax calculations, lectures for class and other things that we just need to get down on paper. But that’s not all; it lets you sync all of your data or ‘notes’ with all the devices you have the note installed at. Now, you can research and type bullet-points for your presentation on your PC and then take them with you to the conference room on the phone. It even lets you write lengthy, well researched articles and you can even borrow clippings from the web. Whatever you do, if you need a virtual workplace, then Evernote is for you. Click here for more.

Most people out there (including me) save many important and somewhat private things on Evernote. So, as with any other data, you always have the risk of losing it. But, if you are using the PC or desktop version of the Evernote app, then you sure can back up your notes to an online store called Revert.


What is Revert? Revert is your online storage. It lets you add certain apps like Evernote, Tumblr, Google Drive etc to it, basically saving a virtual copy of it. So you can back up your data to Revert and “revert” back to it in case of need or emergency.

Revert. What a name!

How to back up all your Evernote data to Revert:

  1. Go to Evernote website from your desktop.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Now, go to the Revert website. Click here to access their homepage.
  4. Register for this service by following on on-screen instructions. It’s free.
  5. Once you have registered successfully,  go to the Dashboard. Here, you can see all the apps that you can add to your Revert account.
  6. Seek the Evernote app and click the ‘Add This App’ button below it.
  7. Now go to Connect to EverNote>Authorize.
  8. Wait for a moment.
  9. The system will backup all your Evernote data.
  10. You can see the progress your “Backup Status”
  11. It may take some time to back up all the data. So, wait a bit.
  12. Once it turns from ‘Queued’ to ‘Complete’, a confirmation message will pop up.
  13. And… You are done!

Ending Note

It’s that easy. You don’t have to do a lot other than be patient. It does pretty much the task itself. Patience is something you need to have. It can take time depending on the nature and quality of your Evernote data. In the same manner, you can back up your data from other apps like Tumblr, Google Drive, Drop Box, Mail Chimp etc.