If you’re the owner of an Android device and have been trying to gain entry to the Google Play Store from outside of the US, then you will probably understand the frustration that can be presented by the lack of access. Well thanks to a developer over at XDA Developers that goes by the name ofkishankpadiyar, we now have the method for how to access Google Play Internationally.  It’s no surprise the Google Play store is  so popular, they offer users music, videos, books and apps and have recently renamed themselves from the dreary name of  the Android market to better reflect all they have to offer. For those of you trying to enter the Google Play store over the pond, your prayers have been answered, continue below to find out how.

Google Play App

The Files You Need

  • Your device must be rooted to access Google Play outside of US. For help with rooting your device, check our Root section HERE.
  • Your device must also be running Play store 3.7.11 or 3.7.13. You can download it HERE.

Accessing the Google Play Store Outside Of The USA

Download and install the following file:

  • Market Enabler HERE

Download DROIDvpn which you can find in the play store, then create an account by signing up.

Navigate to your ‘App Manager’. You will need to delete ALL play store data as well as the cache.

Now launch the ‘Market Enabler’ you downloaded in step 1. From here you need to select any US carrier (Tmobile for example). All you need to do to select it is tap and hold  the carrier name until an option comes up. Then select ‘fake this provider now’.

Step 5. You now need to open and login to DROIDvpn.

At some stage you MIGHT need to get TUN.ko, if you are prompted to do so, you can download it HERE.

You should now be able to open the Google Play store internationally and have complete access to download books, movies, music or whatever your heart desires

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