The WiFi model of the Sony Xperia Z tablet has just accepted an update which bumps it up to Android 4.2.2. This upgrade has the build number of 10.3.1.C.0.136 and is now rolling out to devices settings in the coming days.

This is a top quality upgrade you want to get if you have one of these tablets. You can check out all the new features inside here written by the official Sony team.

What’s new:

  • Latest version of Sony Media Apps with seamless, integrated services

  • The my Xperia application that helps you find your phone and secure everything you have on it.

  • New customisable navigation bar with quick settings

  • New widget functionalities, both on lock screen and home screen

  • Support for bigger (64GB) SD card so that you can store even more on your Xperia™ tablet Z.

  • Multi-user function support

The lock screen will now appear different. There is no more Google Now widget positioned here. You can find it towards the back page of the normal applications menu. It wasn’t exactly as big as a hit as Android were hoping I think it’s safe to say. People didn’t like talking to the handset which really held back its growth. It still is a useful tool for many things and offers a range of helping hands if you know how to use it.

The low battery icon will now have a different sound when it starts running low. The old one received many complaints so they made it sound different. The new one isn’t great either, so they are obviously trying to do something here that we aren’t aware of. A more subtle and quick sound would be best. Not everyone will hear that though, so they opted to go for a long-lasting sound instead. The only problem with that is if you are around to listen to every time it gets a bit frustrating.

The main thing users will notice right away after installing it is the main button will now be in the middle of the screen. We saw this first come about a few weeks ago in the LTE update. You can read more about that here.

On top of all that, you can also expect to find the usual stability improvements and bug fixes.

Get your hands on it here. It currently says 4.0 on the screen, but that is a mistake. Continue with the installation. It should be changed soon.

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