HBO MaxI am subscribed to HBO Max but it keeps crashing when I’m downloading a TV show. Why does it do this? Resolution:

Television sets are a lot like computers. Their software-related problems can be solved in similar ways. Crashes when downloading on HBO Max can be related to a few things. First, make sure you have enough disk space on the device you are downloading to. This might be on a USB drive, external hard drive, a smartphone, or on the TV itself.

If you are certain there is plenty of space on your device for your downloads, you can try clearing the cache instead. You can clear the cache on any device you have HBO Max running on, including smart TVs. To clear the cache on your smart TV, you will need to look up the guide for your brand of TV set. However, if it’s an Android TV, the general guide should be as follows: open Settings, click on Apps, click on the HBO Max App, and then choose to clear the cache for it.

If neither of those has solved the downloading issue, you should look at your internet connection instead. Every router has a little button that can be held in for around ten seconds to reset it. If you don’t have the gadget that is made to fit in this hole, try using a paperclip instead. Sometimes when doing a lot of downloading, our internet connections can become corrupt. The only way to solve this is by resetting the router. Once the router has been reset, unplug it from the computer for five minutes before connecting it again.

If HBO Max is giving you an error code, you should write down what that error code is and then try to research it specifically. Some of the most common error codes users experience are codes 100, 321, and 420.

If you have experienced HBO Max not downloading and have a different solution, please leave a comment below and tell us what it was to help others. Thanks.